Joanna in Performance at John Cage Celebration


“I was deciding between seeing the Dali Lama and coming to class today…I choose class.” – Simone.  “Me too!!” — Suzzy.  Both currently in class.

“First I wanted to start by thanking you for your wonderful session at Leadership Fellows yesterday. It was amazing to see the class participation and transformation. I feel that you were really able to get them engaged and it was a great tie-in to ways to think about their own leadership. If you would have said that within 45 minutes I would see everyone in that class (including me) just freely dancing, I wouldn’t have believed it. Thank you!”  –Karen L. Kruse
Vice President for Finance and Chief Operating Officer
Boulder Chamber

“Joanna creates earthquakes.  She re-aligns the universe.”    — Julie Rothschild, Owner of Julie Rothschild Movement

“You’re way better than good.”  — Scarlett Caste, age 7,   Student for 2 years.

“I can find someone else’s breath in the room when I cannot locate my own.” — Helen Turner, current student of 12 years

“Am I allowed to feel this good?  I am so grateful to be living in a body.” — Elia Seely, Currently enrolled in the summer session.

“Thank you for holding the space in which I could unfold…safely, quietly, loudly, in my own time.” –– Margaret Harris, student for 11 years before moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

“ It sounds like you made quite the impact at Leadership Fellows yesterday, and that’s exactly the energy that we like here at the Chamber! “ — Sarah Beall, Member Relations Associate, Boulder Chamber

It’s crucial that we keep the Joanna’s of the world, otherwise we would all be the same.”  — Marcie Goldman, Founder of Mojo Mastery and current student of 4 years

“Oh my! I am moved through and through, all the way to the essential. Thank you for your newsletter.” — Ana Maria Hernando, Visual Artist, Boulder

“I don’t know what it is, but I feel so comfortable here.  So much more comfortable than in any authentic movement group I’ve ever been in.  Even with my eyes closed and we are doing our own thing, we are still looking out for each other.”   — Paulette Fire, Psychotherapist and current student of 1 year.

“You are a witch.”

Sandra Levitt, Current student of 3 years.

“She makes crazy dances that are so raw and uncertain and honest with the audience about what they are. She’s an artist on a really unique path. I have a huge amount of respect for her.”
Laura Ann Samuelson of Hoarded Stuff Performance

“Joanna Rotkin shook the earth yesterday as she performed The Great Green at Performática!”
Julie Rothschild, Owner and Founder of Julie Rothschild Movement

“She has the tenacity of a Guard Dog.”  — Donald Munro, The Fresno Bee

“THE GREAT GREEN is like an american Bar-Be-Que gone wrong.  Or it is like the Borscht Belt has gone postmodern on us. The grass. The meat. The animal sounds. It is like astronaut food.  While it is not “Jewish” in any sort of thematic or religious way there are all these subliminal ties to Yiddish theater and comedy. A certain kind of humor and goofiness.”     – Jill Sigman, Artistic Director and Founder of ThinkDance

Fantastic, strange and thought provoking! Just saw the show again and came away wondering what it means to be a mother, daughter, lover. Who cleans up our messes and then tromps on what we have created? Scolds us when we have gone too far? Makes us feel dirty and gluttonous. And then forgives?!
” —  Amy Shoffner, Audience member at Let Them Eat Cake

“A beautiful, jaw dropping, moving, wild, tender, passionate, delicious dance-theatre piece with 4 generations of inspirational women performers…Go see and book seats ahead of time!”   – Gemma Wilcox, Actor/Playwright/Director/Producer

“Dear Dancing Queen–
i have been meaning to tell you that i did make it to my friend’s wedding in L.A. (remember i was trying to get well so i could go, and  therefor missed our last class), AND–drum roll, please–i danced every single dance with a whole lotta other girls on the floor. That’s right, danced the night away, with such joy.

Know why?? Because, thanks to our class, i have found the freedom to move and enjoy this essential part of being alive. I love it!!

This is one of the great joys of this chapter of my life. i truly feel released from an old prison from my childhood. i do feel i can trust myself to move and genuinely express who i am at any given moment. What more could i ask?

You just can’t imagine (or maybe YOU can) what it meant to me to be back in that room…where so much that is so important has changed my life. To feel the floor, to see the light on the prairie, to hear your voice, to be close and moving with others is soul food that is irreplaceable. So delicious and sweet.

May you continue to create, love and enjoy who you are and the work that you do, my dear. It’s beautiful, and so are you.”

xo Linda, Current student of 12 years

“Dear Amazing Joanna,

I normally do not read the various news letters that I am subscribed to…but every time yours comes into my inbox I am excited and I read pretty much all of them. I love the way you write. I love the way you think and are. I love the way you move me. I love the way your words inspire me and open up my day and my heart and make my insides jump up and down with yes!!! Yes I want this!!! Thank you for your kind and honest wisdom. I love how your dancing is like your writing…it IS upending and sweetly agitating. You are a thrill of a person. Thank you for doing everything that you do. May the garden of your dancing being always flower and be pollinated and fruit and ripen and be eaten by everything that wants it and fall and drop and decay and and plant itself and grow and start all over again.”

Much Love,
– Emily, Current subscriber

“This show is exquisite! It is such a relief to attend something – and to take it seriously – (which I do)- that that DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. It is composed and performed with considerable virtuosity, tenderness, and HUMOR: this show is funny! It is also clever, intriguing (don’t look away, even for a minute – you’ll miss a clue!) and is like a Russian doll – stories within stories within stories….stories of buried cakes, hurled roses, old songs hummed, and…. so much more!”  — Audience Member at Let Them Eat Cake

“I have never experienced the universe in this way.”  — Simone Key, Current student of 3 years

“Let Them Eat Cake” is honestly one of my favorite shows in the Boulder Fringe. Despite the limitations of space, the dancers crafted this intimate, wacky, and poignant world! Every other reviewer out there has commented about the different ages of the performers but really, during the performance, they all looked devilishly impish and youthful to me. The show will surprise you and stretch your boundaries on what dance and theatre in a small intimate setting with amazing seasoned performances can be.   — Steph Lee, Dancer/Choreographer/Performer/Teacher

“I am going to do this for the rest of my life.” — Liza Patrick, Current student of one year”

“Tonight I was finally able to catch up on reading some of your newsletters that I haven’t read in a while. Thank you so much for continuing to write them, they are a wonderful reminder of inspiration, a breath of fresh, creative, reverent air in the middle of chaotic, busy life. ” — Margaret Behm, Repertory Company Apprentice & Events Coordinator at Keshet Dance Company

“Dearest Joanna,
I love, love love your emails. I love the simple, grounded way you connect to your (and our) mind, heart and body with your words ( and spirit.)

I have been frozen I think since my husband and I separated a year ago. I keep trying to get myself to move. I keep grieving and trying to be brave, and breathing. And trying not to panic. I have some spectacular moments. I’ve written lots of songs, I’ve parented my daughter with as much love and presence as I can, and I keep putting one foot in front of the other. The most difficult part is the opening your eyes and looking around and just admitting to the devastation and emptiness you see…the loss of everything you maybe held dear.
But not everything.
Everything you want, but not everything you need, perhaps.
I love your emails more than any other ‘list serve.’ And I know you are a dancer, but your writing is among my favorite comfort foods. Thank you!”                        — Sara, Current Subscriber.

“Hi Joanna!

I am just writing to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for staying true to doing it Your way.
Thank you for sharing the wealth.

You are completely inspiring. In some ways I have been artistically stuck and trying to get unstuck for some years now. Even in the midst of good changes and opening, there has been a whole bunch of crap to get through to really get some momentum going. Your colorful, dynamic, bluntly-honest contemplations/renderings, have been helping me to keep a light on, to not take myself so seriously. Finally, I’m feeling more unstuck than stuck these days. As I have been thinking of why, I realized how much your powerful unapologetic sensibility has been unconsciously working on me.

Much love and respect,”  — Janna Meiring, Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator

“When I dance I see the world inside me and outside me. I feel my life force being guided by what is inside me and outside of me. I am one with these forces when I dance. Time and space become one.”

— Jeanne Visvader, Current Student.

I am so agitated by the delight and surprise of your newsletters. I love seeing your mind. Keep ’em coming, magic lady.

 — Teresa Sparks, Current Subscriber.