Dog Dance

“Wonder.  I have been thinking about wonder.”  — Helen Turner, audience member at Dog Dance


Dog Dance  is Created and Performed by Joanna Rotkin of Joanna and The Agitators with Conceptual/Directorial Guidance provided by Andrew Marcus (The Disappearance Project)

Friday, January 20th: 7pm

Friday, February 17th: 7pm

*Friday, March 24th, 7pm*

*The March performance of Dog Dance will take place at Move to Center, 1800 30th St #218*

all other performances will take place at Floorspace, 1510 Zamia, #101

Friday, April 21st, 7pm

Friday, May 19th, 7pm

At Floorspace: 1510 Zamia Drive, #101

Boulder, CO


“Something has shifted in my dance since watching your performance.”  – Nicole Koukou

This performance will be a place for us to breath together, allowing the noise to quiet a bit as the remembering of a body unfolds.

The remembering will happen slowly, extremely slowly, and with breath.

Gravity, and your own relationship to it, may or may not become weighty.

The cellular structure of your own body may or may not begin to re-imagine itself.

The internal investigation of the deepest parts of the body may or may not stir a longing in you to investigate your own unraveling.

When I perform Dog Dance, I find a world in my body that is underneath the mud, but that is also flying.

I invite you into this world, in hopes that you too will get a chance to burrow in, and then hover and float, just above the earth.

“ I was SO craving class after your STUNNING performance…the moments of “crumple” happened two or three times I believe. Delicate… heavy… wonderfully visceral!!” — Simone Key, audience member at Dog Dance

above photo by Glen Kalen, 2017