2015-08 Adult Class Tue 29sJoin me for my FREE DANCE CLASSES  to remember and experience the joy and delight of being in a body:

The fearful, the unsure, and the curious are welcomed and encouraged to join.

Tuesday, September 5th, and Thursday, September 7th, 2017

10:15am-12:15pm at The Boulder Circus Center 4747 N. 26th, in Boulder.

This will be an opportunity for you to:

  • Meet and engage with a group of warm, welcoming, and thoughtful people.
  • Nourish your creativity and imagination.
  • Exercise in an environment that is fun, thoughtful, encouraging, and inquisitive.
  • Participate in an activity that fortifies and uplifts the body, mind, and spirit.

“Yesterday’s class was marvelous on many levels for me. I was soaring through the rest of my day.” – Brooke Laura, after taking a free class

To reserve your spot, email me at joanna@joannaandtheagitators.com

Photo by Jun Akiyama, Kinisis Photography.