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daca, driving, and also dancing

Last Thursday night, a few of us from the community had dinner with a few DACA students currently attending The University of Colorado.   We listened as the students shared stories of how their families came to this country, how old they were when they arrived, what they were studying in school, internships they’d held over the summer, and […]

what do you love?

That thing is happening to my brain: I walk into the kitchen and I can’t remember why I walked into the kitchen. I start to give an instruction in class and half way through I can’t remember the instruction I’m giving. I’m driving and I can’t remember where I’m driving too. I’ve started saying words […]

Wild Life

I know this is a newsletter about dancing, but there is so much wildlife happening here this summer, I can’t stand it! 1. Hummingbirds in the courtyard. For the past month we have been watching hummingbird parents fly in and out of the nest they built, to sit on their eggs.  Recently the eggs cracked open and […]

The Hum of the Pelvic Floor

We’ve been dancing from the pelvic floor these last few weeks in class.   At the end of one such class, when the buzz between everyone was especially high, Agness said,  “This strong connection between all of us today…I think it’s being generated from the hum of the pelvic floor.”   We continued to speak about […]

love and fear

In a little dance studio, out in the fields, the last rural outpost within the city limits, down a dirt road, only land, all around, doors and windows thrown open to the prairie and the wind, the sound of meadow larks filling the space, under the radar and far from the mainstream — something is brewing. […]

Between Everything and Nothing

It’s a fine line between everything and nothing, and I am only at the beginning of understanding this. I fall off the line daily — bumbling along, until I climb back up and try again. For me, everything is: Bodies moving across the earth while carving into air. Bodies expanding and contracting with other bodies that are also moving across earth, carving into […]

Women and Guns

I am making 2 ginormous assumptions about the 400 or so of you who read this newsletter every week. 1. I assume that each and every one of you respects, cares about, and is kind to women.  True, yes? 2. I assume that you feel the same way about guns that I do.  I have […]

what if you danced more?

Like, everyday? 10 minutes, right after you wake up perhaps. Roll out of bed, find your way to the floor. Notice your breath, see what arises and follow the thread, first thing in the morning. Two students of mine have been doing this for awhile now. They made a pact with each other — a simple nod when […]

Looking for Legs

My mom started taking a cocktail of medications for nerve pain in her lower back a few months ago. Because of the mix of meds she’s on, she’s hallucinating now and then. She’s clear and bright eyed when she re-counts her latest sighting:

i’m nervous that i’m not sweating

I know that’s weird, but it’s true.   I thought dancing was about sweating and breathing hard:  hands on knees after a long and complicated sequence of movements, or a melt to the ground to rest and recuperate after spinning and leaping, catching and falling.   That’s what I’ve known and loved for many many moons, and […]