About Joanna and the Agitators

Joanna and the Agitators is a platform dedicated to upending the status quo through live dance performance, movement education, and improvisation.


I make dances and I teach dance classes.

Both are based on noticing the breath — the inhale, the exhale, and the gaps in between — and waiting to see what emerges from there.

Both are based on stripping away notions of what dance is and starting from a place of not knowing anything.

This work I do…it’s not for everyone.

It is not dancey dancey or spectacular or even graceful.

There are no pretty lines.

Rather, it’s about experiencing, and expressing, what is true in the body, whatever that may be, in space and in time.

It’s about remembering what it means to be an animal in a human form.

If you take class with me, know that I’m not interested in having you make a pretty line or do it the right way.

Instead, I’m interested in helping you find the extraordinary freedom, ease, and delight that is already within you — waiting to be uncovered, discovered, and remembered.

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